Star Wars Development and Intention

This movie depicts a hero journey of Luke, Han and princess Leia, who used the stolen architecture plan to destroy the Death Star.

The Star Wars was directed and wrote by George Lucas. He originally wanted to make a Flash Gordon movie and adapt its space adventures comics and serials, which fascinates him since he was young, into his own movies.[1] He tried to buy the Flash Gordon rights but they would not sell him. He was very depressed about not obtaining the rights to the characters[2] and then decided to invent his own space opera. He called it The Star Wars.[3]

He said “My main reason for making it was to give young people an honest, wholesome fantasy life, the kind my generation had. We had westerns, pirate movies, all kinds of great things. Now they have The Six Million Dollar Man and Kojak. Where are the romance, the adventure, and the fun that used to be in practically every movie made?”[4] He also mentioned that “It’s the flotsam and jetsam from the period when I was twelve years old. All the books and films and comics that I liked when I was a child. The plot is simple—good against evil—and the film is designed to be all the fun things and fantasy things I remember. The word for this movie is fun.”[4]

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