April 28th 3:30-4pm

Run over the presentation. Practice together.

April 28th 10:30am-1pm

Combined individual stuff together to build presentation. Further discussed the details of the movie and finalized the presentation, added more stuff to power points.

April 23rd

Set up the presentation. Discussed about the movie and interesting points that could be drawn from it. Decided the presentation’s topics/conclusions. Further divided work for writing technologies on the website.

April 14th
Work Division and Discussion

Topic Covered in Class
Went over all chapters and discussed whether it is relevant and how it related to the materials.

  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3 huge – Arthur
  • Chapter 4 and 5 – Christian
  • Chapter 6 middle – Ryan
  • Chapter 7 middle – Ryan
  • Chapter 8 huge – Arthur
  • Chapter 9 middle – Ziyan
  • Chapter 10 middle – Ziyan

Discuss about Technologies
Discussed and added more technologies than before

  • Tractor beams
  • Lightsabers
  • Particle weaponry (blasters)
  • Space Fighters (TIE/X wing/Y wing)
  • Moisture condensers
  • Trash Compactor (automated)
  • Land Speeder
  • BioEnhancements (Vader’s suit)
  • Artificial gravity
  • FTL/Warp Drive/Hyperspace
  • Guided Missiles (Think X-Wing)
  • Comms (Radios)
  • Surveillance
  • Force Fields (check)
  • Automated repairs through droids
  • Work Droids
  • Computer terminals like, everywhere yo (rare for the 1970s)
  • Droid-equivalent of a universal port
  • Droid communication language
  • Universal translator droid


  • Timestamp any tech you want as you go

What was the movie makers’ intent

  • Hero’s journey
  • Decentralized power
  • Power of small groups
  • Look up interviews with George Lucas